Alice is an academic project where students were ask to make a thematic deck 
of cards having as inspiration a favorite book or movie. 

My main references were John Tenniel's character illustrations for the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" as well as some character designs from the animated film "Alice in Wonderland", released by Disney Animation Studios.
Initial process of redrawing Tenniel's  character illustrations, and creating some of my own.
Rough sketches were made using blue and black pencil, and pre-finalization using black ink.

Scan in grayscale of some of the illustrations​​​​​​​

Colour correction and digital finalization ​​​​​​​

Making all the Card Soldiers (Aces and numbers), from Disney animation movie,
using Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create all the shapes and vectors

Planning card layouts and compositions​​​​​​​

Final result
after refining, diagramming and printing all the illustrations in playing card plastic paper.​​​​​​​

For the suit of swords, the characters:
White Rabbit, Alice and the Cheshire Cat​​​​​​​

For the suit of clubs, the characters present in the tea table:
Dormouse, March Hare and Hatter​​​​​​​

For the suit of hearts, the characters of the kingdom of hearts:
Knave of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts.​​​​​​​

For the suit of diamonds, the characters:
Dodo, Caterpillar and Gryphon​​​​​​​

Aces and the other numbers have the form of Card Soldiers, from Disney animation movie​​​​​​​

Thank you!​​​​​​​
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