Circus is EBANX's end-year party for its collaborators to greet their achievements and accomplishments. As the second year of the pandemic kicks in, the annual celebration had to be turned into a live broadcast variety show.

My role: Visual concept, Creative Direction, Design & Visual Deployment, Project Management, Film Direction, Soundtrack Editing

Illustrations: Thiago Orlando
Creative & Film Direction, Project Management: Rafael Coradine
Copywriting: Carolina Ceccon & Leonardo Sanes
Visual Deployment: Bárbara Godói & Bruno Nogueira
Animation: Maria Eugenia Raulino, Mateus Klein, Luiz Naza, José Roberto Cahali & Gustavo Silva
Film Edition: Matheus Zimmer, Maicon, Rodrigo Vana, Maria Eugenia Raulino, Isis Oliveira & Larissa Parisotto

Opening Credits & 10" Countdown (Apollo 11 voice-over)​​​​​​​

Soundtrack credits: Madonna - Hung up

Featured Stories Reel​​​​​​​
Soundtrack credits: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)

Circus Ignition Aftermovie​​​​​​​

Intermissions & Breaks​​​​​​​
Segments Openings​​​​​​​

The Event
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