GameXP 2021
Project made for GameXP, an event for video game lovers produced by three major entertainment companies in Brasil:

CCXP (ComicCon Experience),
Globo Network, the main television and broadcast channel in Brazil, and
Rock in Rio, one of the World's biggest and legendary rock concert festivals.

We were responsible for every visual and animations in the entire 2 day event, with content mixed between a huge LED screen (5888 x 8192pixels) and live video transmissions for SporTV, Twitch and YouTube

Some of the main contents we were responsible to create designs and animations:

- The final match of the Girls League Counter Strike Tournament, where we have also created content for the players and champions

- Backgrounds for popular music groups such as Duda Beat, Xamã, Malia

- Several lower thirds, animated title screens and overlays for live broadcast.

According to GameXP website:

"Game XP is a place where the magic of amusement parks and the adventure of video games coexist, where epic battles take place, and your favourite characters are everywhere. Here, your main quest is to have fun.

We’re talking about four days filled with attractions, concerts, innovation, eSports championships, cosplayers, huge releases, and games. Really, a lot of them. There’s so much fun spread all over the GamePark that you can choose to enjoy it single-player mode or even on multiplayer with your whole family. And this is the best part: here, you’ve got infinite HP. So press start and join us in this gaming world."

Event Animation Reel
Title Screen Animations
LED Screenshots


Jean Campos

Design & Illustrations

Charles Assis
José Roberto Cahali
Luiz Naza
Mateus Klein
Nicholas Pierre

Motion Design

José Roberto Cahali
Luiz Naza
Mateus Klein


Globo Network
Rock in Rio
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