Trusting his old magical four-stringed shamisen, 
Nami roams his village facing stray spirits that dwell in the forest


Nami was made during the 2017 Global Game Jam,
a worldwide event where developers have to make a game in 48hours.
This year's Global Game Jam theme was "Waves".

The result is a game that the hero uses his instrument as a colour/sound wave emitter.
The player must defeat the enemies chasing him, with 4 different skills, 
each one with its respective color, affecting the corresponding enemy color.

Made with Unreal Engine, under 48h of develpoment, 
with a team of 4 artists, 2 devs and 1 musician.

José Roberto Cahali - 2D Art (Concept Art, Character Design)
Gustavo Silva - 2D Art (Level Design, Textures) 
Andre Bales - 3D Art (Modelling, Render) 
Luiz Kowalski - 3D Art (Rigging, Animation)  
Luccas Schmigel - Game Design, Unreal Engine
Rafael Guimarães - Programming (C++)
Sergio Justen - Music (Sound Design, Soundtrack) 

Special Thanks to Paulo Souza and Manoel Balbino from the Epic Games team, 
for helping us with the Unreal Engine and making this game possible.

We´d also like to thank the Global Game Jam and GGJCWB team,
and all people that enjoyed watching or playing this game!

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Thanks for watching !​​​​​​​
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