Since I got my hands on a camera, I have been taking pictures of people on the street. 
There are stories going unnoticed by the untrained eyes too used with the shiny black mirrors we are used to look at most of the day. 
I feel a lot of joy looking directly at these living mundane stories, and having the luck of capturing the right moment whenever I can. Specially the exact moment between the person having their usual day and noticing the camera clicking.
When I am not with a camera, I find myself framing these moments with my eyeballs, wishing it could last a little longer, but just quietly enjoying the nuances of humans interacting with the world.
Here are some of the moments that I found out there, that are here to exist a little longer and for you to enjoy with me.
Most of pictures here were taken with a Canon 60D, a trusty 50mm F/1.8 prime lens, and some might have been taken with the powerhouse Sigma 17-50mm F/2.8.
If you see any pictures with heart-warming grains, they probably were taken on a 35mm film with a Canonet QL17 GIII. 

This camera is considered by some photographers as "The Poor Man's Leica", and being a poor man and not having touched a Leica once in my lifetime, I can just say that I love the pictures this camera takes very much.
And if you like what you see here, you can find more pictures like these on my Flickr.
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