This is the third and final feature film in the Brazilian animation series Brichos, directed by Paulo Munhoz.
Tales, Jairzinho, Bandeira and their gang try to face a computer virus that has entered everyone's mind in Vila dos Brichos. The only way to help is to enter the dream world and try to defeat them.
Part of the storyboards, sets and animation scenes for the third film are being produced by Dogzilla Studio, where I participated in the production of these scenes.
The characters' style changes according to each one's dream.
Tales enters Bandeira's mind
Tales successfully enters Dumonzinho's device, and ventures
by Bandeira's mind to help him!
Imaginary Star Wars
Tales and Jairzinho find Bandeira in an intergalactic dream,
but not everything is so calm.
C69 - Brichos versus viruses in Dona Gina's dream
Dona Gina works non-stop beautifying invading viruses in her dream.
Tales and Jairzinho show up to save the day.
Dumonzinho Capoeirista vs. Ratão
Little Dumon just looks harmless. 
In this scene he shows Ratão that he messed with the wrong crowd.
Final Battle: 
Finally the three friends find the root of the problem, the Megavirus!
But it won't be easy to defeat him.

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