Ugo, O
Ugo is an exchange student from Earth, who went to venture into alien lands and live with his new and unconventional family.
These animatics were made together with Dogzilla Studio, for a public notice funded by the Fundação Cultural de Curitiba.
The short had its exhibition postponed due to the pandemic.
Culinary Show

Gerardo presents a new Terran recipe on his cooking show. 
And today's recipe is: Nega Maluca Cake..but with a special touch.

Ugo's first day on planet Mobius was anything but smooth.
Astrolfo and his new family are confused when they receive the newly arrived boy from Earth, meanwhile a Minimorphus starts chasing him after Ugo tries to recover his stolen boot.
While Ugo runs away from the unknown monster, his family tries to meet with the Earthling, but he is too scared to recognize them.

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