The Ruin 
is an art and haiku poetry book about a fictional universe, 
inspired by an old anglo-saxon Elegy from the Exeter Book. 
Character Design: José Roberto Cahali
Environment Design and Art Direction: Adam Osborn
Layouts: Adam Osborn, Angelos Pulopoulos, José Roberto Cahali 
"The Moon, cast aside To what resolve? 
Fill the sky And burn the statues of old"

"Deer of the forest
Treading lightly on the wind With no leaves to blow"

"Autumn comes and goes
Again, again and again
Till the cycle ends"

"Order of Ember
Flash electric like the skies Where is the thunder?"

"Husk of root and bone
Through time, through walls built to last
Struck hard until sparks"

"Never underestimate
The fallen seed"

"Selfish artist
vicious morpher"

This book has
210mm x 280mm (A4)
was laser printed, and binded using handmade 
Japanese Four-Hole Binding​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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