Getting ready for the very first online edition of the Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam invited us to represent the universe of collaborative game creation in its first online edition. In a single video, we aimed to introduce the incredible experience of being a jammer and making connections in this digital information reality.

In this project we had the opportunity to work on Art direction, Illustrations and motion design for the official Global Game Jam Online 2021 teaser, keynote, and theme reveal videos! Having participated in the event ourselves in previous editions, it was great to bring our joy from collaborating to create a game to the making of this video.
What is Global Game Jam you ask? Oh, well, according to their website:
"The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world's largest game creation event taking place around the globe, typically at physical locations. A "game jam" is essentially a hackathon focused on game development. [...]"

Global Game Jammers!

How fun is to meet and make friends from all over the globe with different shapes, colours and sizes? Even more fun was to create all these cool dudes and dudettes to represent the participants in this online universe full of avatarssss.

Our art direction choice for this year’s Global Game Jam was a modern and sleek look of an fictional online world, with fun and vibrant characters and colours.

Client: Global Game Jam  |  Year: 2021  |  Service:  Art Direction, Motion Design  
Creative & Art Direction: Bebeto Cahali  |  Animation: Bebeto Cahali, Luis Naza  |  Sounds & Mixing: Leonardo Lima

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